Professional Theatre


ROMEO & JULIET - Nurse/Benvolio/Tybalt - Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater

ROMEO & JULIET - Mercutio/Lord Capulet - LCTe (Psittacus)

ALABAMA STORY - Thomas at Wellfleet - Harbor Actors Theatre

MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM - Demetrius - Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre

REVELATION READING SERIES ('15/'16) - Various - Red Bull Theater Company

MARY STUART - O’Kelley/Mortimer U/S - Folger Shakespeare Theatre 

AS YOU LIKE IT - Lord 2/Orlando U/S - The Shakespeare Theatre Company 

COMEDY OF ERRORS - Antipholus of Syracuse - Shakespeare in Delaware Park

HENRY IV PART I - Clarence, u/s Mortimer - The Shakespeare Theatre Company 

HENRY IV PART II - Clarence, u/s Hastings - The Shakespeare Theatre Company 

LES MISERABLES - Courfeyrac - White Plains Performing Arts Center

AS YOU LIKE IT - Jacques - Pendley Shakespeare Festival (UK)

LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST - Lead Singer - Pendley Shakespeare Festival (UK)

THE RIVALS - Jack Absolute - Tobacco Factory (UK)

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM - Demetrius - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

MACBETH - Swing - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

CAMELOT - Guillium, Dap, u/s Mordred - John W. Engeman Theatre

TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA - Speed - Texas Shakespeare Festival

LEARNED LADIES - LePine - Texas Shakespeare Festival

TWO BY TWO - Japheth - Texas Shakespeare Festival (Alan Souza)

STORYTIME WITH MR BUTTERMEN - Curley Pig - NY Fringe Festival

RIP! - Hubert  - Midtown International Theatre Festival

LEBENSRAUM - Actor #1 - Jewish Repertory Theatre

CALVARY - Lazarus - Opera Sacra

ROCK N ROLL - Stephen - Kavinoky Theatre Company

ANTONY & CLEOPATRA - Octavius - Caesar Road Less Traveled Productions

GOAT - Billy Road Less Traveled Productions

SOME EXPLICIT POLAROIDS - Victor Torn Space (David Oliver)

BLOOD BROTHERS - Sammy Irish Classical Theatre Company

THE TEMPEST - Ariel Shakespeare in Delaware Park

KING LEAR - Edgar Shakespeare in Delaware Park

SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL - Trip Irish Classical Theatre Company

Nathan Winkelstein's main headshot


Masters in Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

BA in Theatre Performance from the University at Buffalo

Acting: Maria Horne, Steve Henderson, Kazmirez Braun, Sonya Frasier

Voice: Nathan Matthews, John Fleischman

Speech: Carol Fairlamb, Gary Owsten

Dance/Combat: Gale Gordon, Jonathan Howell

Other Skills

BADC Advanced Fighter (knife, saber, unarmed, broadsword, small sword, rapier), Basic Tumbling, Juggling, KravMaga, Wrestling (collegiate), Tennis (collegiate), Violin, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Sailing (competitive), Racquetball, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Weightlifting, Biking, Drivers License, Current Passport, Can Burp on Command :)